Shikimic acid

Shikimic acid

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(-)-Shikimic acid, L-Shikimic acid, NSC 59257, Shikimic acid
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
>95% by HPLC
Long Term Storage
Soluble in methanol or DMSO

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Application Notes

Shikimic acid, first isolated from the fruit of Illicium religiosum in the 1800s, is a key biosynthetic link in the production of aromatic amino acids in plants and microorganisms via the shikimate pathway. Shikimic acid has anti-inflammatory activity, suppressing LPS-​induced decrease in cell viability and nitrite accumulation and inhibiting up-​regulation of TNF-​α and IL-​1β in RAW 264.7 cells, mediated at least in part by inhibition of LPS-​induced ERK 1​/2 and p38 phosphorylation.  Shikimic acid inhibits osteoclastogenesis and pit resorption in bone marrow monocytes and RAW264.7 cells, suppresses the bone resorption function of osteoclasts in actin ring formation assays and prevents cartilage matrix destruction in human chondrocytes preventing activation of the nuclear factor-​kB pathway.


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