Erythromycin Degradation Set

Erythromycin Degradation Set

$310.00 - 1 mg

$1,085.00 - 5 mg

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1mg or 5mg of each compound
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
Long Term Storage
Methanol, ethanol, DMSO, moderate water solubility

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Application Notes

Erythromycin A is a structurally complex macrocyclic lactone which can be degraded by acidity, alkalinity, heat, oxidation, light and temperature. In vivo, erythromycin A may also undergo enzymic conversions via hydrolysis, oxidation, derivatisation and coupling. The degradation products are not biologically inert; rather, they offer new structures with unique physical and chemical properties that are often poorly understood. The Erythromycin Degradation Set provides the major degradation products described in the literature as a tool for understanding the complexity of erythromycin degradation in both in vivo and ex vivo systems. | 1. Erythromycin A – (CAS# 114-07-8) – Molecular Formula: C37H67NO13 – Molecular Weight: 733.9 | 2. Anhydroerythromycin A – (CAS# 23893-13-2) – Molecular Formula: C37H65NO12 – Molecular Weight: 715.9 | 3. Erythromycin A enol ether – (CAS# 33396-29-1) – Molecular Formula: C37H65NO12 – Molecular Weight: 715.9 | 4. Erythromycin A N-oxide – (CAS# 992-65-4) – Molecular Formula: C37H67NO14 – Molecular Weight: 749.9 | 5. Pseudoerythromycin A enol ether – (CAS# 105882-69-7) – Molecular Formula: C37H65NO12 – Molecular Weight: 715.9


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