Enniatin complex

Enniatin complex

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Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
639.8 (for B)
>95% by HPLC
Long Term Storage
Soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF or DMSO. Poor water solubility.

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Application Notes

Enniatins are a complex of depsipeptides produced by several Fusarium species. Typically, the complex contains 4 major components: A, A1, B and B1 together with minor amounts of enniatins C, D, E and F. The enniatins act as ionophores. Recently their effects on acyl-CoA cholesterol transferase, as nematocides and the selectivity of their antitumor action have received more focus.


  • Ionophore antibiotics produced by the fungus Fusarium orthoceras var. enniatum and other Fusaria. Gaumann E. et al., Experientia 1947, 3, 202.
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  • Interaction of cyclic peptides and depsipeptides with calmodulin. Mereish K.A. et al., Pept. Res. 1990, 3, 233.
  • Enniatin exerts p53-dependent cytostatic and p53-independent cytotoxic activities against human cancer cells. Dornetshuber R. et al., Chem. Res. Toxicol. 2007, 20, 465.

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