Pentalenic acid

Pentalenic acid

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Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
>95% by HPLC
Long Term Storage
Soluble in methanol or DMSO

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Application Notes

Pentalenic acid has been isolated from many Streptomyces sp. as a co-metabolite of the sesquiterpenoid antibiotic pentalenolactone and related natural products. Pentalenic acid is a shunt metabolite in the biosynthesis of the pentalenolactone family. Pentalenic acid itself is a useful polycyclic skeleton for structural modification. Members of the pentalenolactone family show antitumor, immunosuppressant and antidiabetic effects, but the bioprofile of pentalenic acid is largely unexplored.


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  • Pentalenic acid is a shunt metabolite in the biosynthesis of the pentalenolactone family of metabolites: Hydroxylation of 1-​deoxypentalenic acid mediated by CYP105D7 (SAV7469) of Streptomyces avermitilis. Takamatsu S. J Antibiot. 2011, 64, 65.
  • Syntheses of biologically active natural products and leading compounds for new pharmaceuticals employing effective construction of a polycyclic skeleton. Masataka I. Chem Pharm Bull. 2006, 54, 765.

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