Lobaric acid

Lobaric acid

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Usnetic acid
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
>95% by HPLC
Long Term Storage
Soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF or DMSO.

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Application Notes

Lobaric acid is a hydrophobic orcinol depsidone found in a broad range of lichen species, notably within the genera, Stereocaulon and Parmelia, first reported by Asahina and Nonamura in 1935. Like many other lichen acids, lobaric acid displays a broad pharmacology. Most recently, lobaric acid was shown to inhibit cysteinyl-leukotriene formation leading to muscle contraction in Taenia coli and type 12(S)-lipoxygenase, and to interfere with protein-protein interactions. Lobaric acid is an important standard in the chemotaxonomy of lichens.


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